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Pasta, Piazzas and Prada: Musings + Lessons from Living in Italia

From living in Italy as an insider to living as an outsider I’ve had extreme highs, dramatic lows and everything in between. Here are some of my musings and lessons with a little dash of each!

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Coping with Depression and Anxiety While Abroad

...traveling can sometimes spark more intense bouts of depression and anxiety because you are in a new place and are working ten times harder to navigate your day to day life. Therefore, I believe in being proactive, and setting yourself up so that when mental illness strikes, the blow isn’t as harsh.

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The Powerful Lessons I Learned in Haiti, and How You Can Give Back

While poverty is part of this story, it’s not what this story is about.  This story is about the web of richness I discovered beneath the hardship. It’s about searching for solutions instead of planning them, uplifting unheard voices, and having hope where many people have given up.

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