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Ladies, We Need to Stop Talking About Weight ASAP (Here's Why + How)

Paying excessive attention to our weight, and other women’s weight is a trait we are taught to care about. It dissuades and distracts us from exerting more energy on caring about other aspects of our lives like: our creative endeavors, relationships, education, careers, psychological development, and holistic wellness.

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The Key to Unlocking Genuine Self-Love (it's not face masks or bubble baths!)

While we can not save the world, we can choose to start loving ourselves more and more each day. I’m not talking about self-love in the form of face masks, and bubble baths. I’m talking about getting down and dirty and showing ourselves some more tough self-love.

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Coping with Depression and Anxiety While Abroad

...traveling can sometimes spark more intense bouts of depression and anxiety because you are in a new place and are working ten times harder to navigate your day to day life. Therefore, I believe in being proactive, and setting yourself up so that when mental illness strikes, the blow isn’t as harsh.

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