Institute for Integrative Nutrition: 6-Month Health Coaching Certificate

(Expected Completion: September, 2018)

IIN is one of the world’s largest nutrition schools. It’s curriculum includes over 100 dietary theories taught by the leading experts in nutrition. As a student at IIN, I am trained to have a holistic approach to health. Utilizing the concept of Primary Food, I am prepared to support my clients in balancing areas in their life outside their plate like their physical activity, career, spirituality, and relationships. Additionally, I am also taught to approach health through the lens of bio-individuality, the concept that each person has individual needs when it comes to what they eat and how they nourish themselves. As a health coach I am able to support individuals in reaching their health and wellness goals.

Nia Technique: White Belt Training

(August, 2015)

Nia is a holistic fitness practice that combines martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts. In 2015, I completed my Nia White Belt, and became a certified Nia Instructor. During my first year of teaching, I introduced Nia to more than 50 new people. I also led a workshop for 30 employees at St. Stephen’s Human Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Using concepts and techniques from Nia, I designed an hour long course that taught them how to get connected to their bodies throughout the day, and express themselves through movement.

BA: Knox College, Major-International Relations, Minors - Business and Latin American Studies

(June, 2015)

While I recognize this degree was not health related, my education taught me to think critically, sift through information wisely, and to be a disciplined and committed learner. The health and wellness world can be extremely confusing, and there is a lot of contradicting information out there. However with the skills mentioned above, I am able to discern fact from fiction, find credible sources, and to always expand my knowledge.  These skills are essential for being a Health Coach and providing my clients with the best services possible.

DO YOU WANT support in achieving your health and wellness goals?