What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is someone who helps you achieve your health and wellness goals. Rather than focusing on treating an illness or disease, health coaches help you build long-term lifestyle practices that benefit your overall wellness. Health coaches put a large emphasis on letting their clients lead the way. The client decides what aspects of their health they would like to improve, and their health coach supports them in the process by providing feedback, tools, resources, and a safe space to discuss their health concerns, progress, and goals. 

Depending on the clients needs, health coaches can be seen on their own, or in tandem with a registered nutritionist/dietitian, doctor, psychologist, or alternative medicine practitioner. 

How is a Health Coach different from a Registered Nutritionist or Dietitian?

Registered nutritionists and dietitians often work in clinical settings, and are usually sought after to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan for their clients. They usually focus on what their clients eat, whereas a health coach integrates all aspects of someones health. 

Why is your program 6-months?

My program is specifically designed to take place over 6 months because let’s face it - life is full of curveballs. 6 months is just enough time for us to work together through life’s ups and downs. Think about the different scenarios that can negatively impact your health progress. It could be the holidays, traveling, experiencing an injury, getting sick, having to take care of a loved one, stress at work, or any other unexpected life event. My goal as a health coach, is to support you through thick and thin. I am here to help you navigate these unexpected situations without getting derailed, feeling like you have to start from scratch, and feeling like a failure. I want to help you develop tools and strategies that get you back on track and move you forward no matter what life presents- tools and strategies that you have access to even after we finish working together.

6 months is also a perfect amount of time to look at all aspects of your life and how each piece influences your overall well being. We will explore how your career, relationships, physical activity, and spirituality all affect your health, along with what’s on your plate. This holistic approach is more thorough and requires more time than one hour, or even three months. Over the 6 months, we will work together to balance any area that needs attention, and make sure that your heart, mind, body and soul are all being cared for.

What is the time commitment of your program?

Aside from the 6 month time frame, you can expect to dedicate 2-6 hours a week to your health (maybe a little more, but definitely not less). You will have a 50 minute coaching session with me every other week. Outside of our time together, I ask that you set aside at least two hours a week to spend on your health goals.

What can I expect in our 50 minute health coaching sessions?

The best way to get a feel for how our 50 minute sessions will go is to schedule a free consultation with me. In our first meeting we discuss your health history, and any health or wellness goals that you have. From there each meeting is a follow up to the last. We discuss what is going on for you in your life, explore areas of primary and secondary food, and at the end come up with 1-3 steps you can take to improving your well-being. There are also one month and three month check points where we look at your overall progress, and celebrate your wins.

What if I miss one of our appointments?

Once you sign up for my 6 month program, we schedule 13 sessions. You only need 12 sessions total, so you have one “snow day” session that you are allowed to miss free of charge. If you exceed missing one session, you will not be able to reschedule.

Do you offer any discounts or payment plans?

Yes! When you sign up for a free consultation with me, you are qualified to receive up to 30% off my 6-month program!  Additionally, I offer 3 different payment options to accommodate your budget: one time payment, 3 monthly installments and 6 monthly installments. 

I am not a woman in my 20's. Can I still work with you?

If you are motivated and dedicated to making healthy change in your life, absolutely! 

I have a full time job. Do you have availability on the weekends?

Yes! In fact I work exclusively on the weekends! 

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